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Credit rating

HAINES FLEET Management (HFM) is a long-established business which was formerly part of the Fleet Services Company affiliated to the Joe Duffy Motor Group, founded in 1973 Reg. no. 40048.  It was acquired by Eugene Haines in 2004 through MBO.   It now operates as an independent company which is not tied to any car manufacturer, distributor or financial institution. In 2007, the business moved to Airside Enterprise Centre, Swords, Co Dublin to facilitate growth.  It’s strategically located for its customers and service suppliers being only minutes away from Dublin International Airport and artery roads including the M1 Motorway. The Company which is medium sized has survived the most recent economic turbulence with enjoying a credit rating up to 100%.


Our Values

While driven by passion we also believe in the element of compassion in addressing changing circumstances of our clients while achieving the highest levels of:

Accountability, outstanding results

Delivering service in the spirit of oneness

Energetic responsiveness with flexibility

Emulating the best while surpassing the expected

Integrity in every aspect of our business

Long-term customer retention


What we do?

Our core business is the management of small to medium-sized fleets throughout Ireland for both domestic and international businesses.

Currently we have twenty six different marques on our fleet which signifies our effort in providing real choice. Since we supply on a country-wide basis, vehicles are sourced locally where possible on establishing where the driver is located. Affinity plays an important role in maintaining our client and supplier relationships. When we speak of suppliers of services, we refer to those where we source our new vehicles country wide that may also service/maintain our fleet and last but last not least the seven banks that we use to fund the business.

At Haines Fleet we pride ourselves on our ability to offer customers a competitive rate on a car-by-car basis. We recognise that “our last order must always represent our best value” and possibly be the first of much more given the goodwill referral that serves us so well. We are mindful of the fact that if we tailor our pricing too tight it removes our ability to offer any flexibility when it comes to possibility of excess mileage, changing a vehicle early or indeed that all too familiar fair wear and tear when a vehicle is returned.

As we canvass and prospect for new business opportunities, we engage in fact-finding research resulting in prescribing the optimum cost effective quote for our clients.  Each quotation is tailor-made to the specific need.