The Environment

In today’s world protecting the environment is an issue that is very close to a lot of people’s hearts and that translates frequently into environmentally conscious and sustainable corporate policy.  In 2008 Business Fleet magazine surveyed Fleet Managers and found that 80% of respondents were concerned with the environmental impact of their fleets.  The trend for these figures at the time of the survey was increasing year on year, up from 77% the year prior.

Choosing to lease your fleet is not only better for the environment, it will also help your corporate responsibility to the environment. Rotating some of your fleet’s vehicles out each year can create an easy environmental win for your business.

Newer vehicles have lower emissions
The most environmentally friendly vehicles that are in existence at the moment are vehicles that have just come off the production line.  Constant improvements are being made in fuel efficiency and even bio diesel and electric vehicles are now widely available.  Due to the nature of leasing, fleets that are leased (rather than bought) are newer and as a result better for the environment. The vehicles emit less CO2 and offer better mileage, burning less diesel.

Newer vehicles need less replacement parts
Old vehicles require increasingly bigger parts to be replaced on a more regular basis than newer vehicles. New shock absorbers, wishbones, wheel mounts, air conditioning units all leave old broken parts to be disposed of which has a negative environmental impact.

Green Fleet options available
Most of the vehicle manufacturers we deal with offer a Green Line of vehicles which are tuned to produce even less CO2 and are less harmful to the environment.

Contact us today to speak to us about how we can help reduce your organisations emissions this year.