Tailored leasing

We cater for a broad number of national and multinational clients some of whom may operate just the one vehicle in Ireland. Irrespective of the size of your organisation, we strive to devise what will best serve us both well in the long term retention of your custom.
Following initial inquiries, we usually conduct some basic fact-finding in order to recommend the best and most cost-effective plan.

Generally, we try to source the vehicles locally around the country where individual drivers are located. This enables us to expand our choice of suppliers while nurturing the importance of the driver in the process.
As we are not affiliated with any particular financial institution, vehicle contracts are processed in a speedy and efficient manner thus minimising any delay whilst ensuring we use the most cost-effective finance rates available.

Leasing benefits

  • Fixed cost motoring
  • One monthly budgeted payment
  • Full maintenance of fleet at competitive rates
  • Cost spread over the lease period
  • The residual risk is taken by Haines Fleet
  • Accident recovery assistance
  • Comprehensive maintenance regime