We are very excited to say announce that ‘The Meet Suite’ now completed has evolved very nicely  since it’s inception in 2012 offering added value to our clients free of charge and suppliers who donate in lieu of charge to a mutually agreed charity .

This rather novel idea emanated from our desire to provide added value to our national and multinational clients. Strategically located only minutes from Dublin International Airport, the M1 Motorway and just off exit 3 (heading North) provides easy accessibility.

This new facility is primarily for the use free of charge to our clients with an informal setting for meetings, training facilities or indeed for many a simple work station away from their office.

With a capacity to cater for a few dozen people, the Meet Suite is complimented with a kitchenette, changing area and shower facility.

Since its completion we have extended its use to some of our suppliers on the basis of them making a charitable donation to their preferred charity.

Thankfully we have found the whole concept beneficial in generating goodwill while attracting some positive attention to our business outside the norm.